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Facility/Provider Registration
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Each radiation oncology facility/provider is required to have a fully executed business associate agreement (BAA) and a written contract with CARS before than can report an incident as a registered provider. However, the RIRAS system can accept anonymously reported incidents any time from any individual associated with a radiotherapy facility. Anonymous incident reporting forms specifically do not ask for any patient- and provider-specific information. The templates of BAA and contract can be downloaded from the "Registration" Tab.

All registered facilities/providers are requested to complete a facility questionnaire initially. This questionnaire is designed to capture all pertinent data regarding the facility and the provider/s. These data elements relate to the complexity of the processes within facilities and are used by the CARS staff to analyze incidents in relation to complexity of practice, work environment, and educational background of professional staff. This information can be updated at any time by an authorized representative of the facility/provider. Please note that the facility/provider information is considered confidential and cannot be accessed by users of this Website.